Hola! I’m Carmen España. A warm welcome to my website!

Take your time and look around. I’ll tell you a little about me and my work as a designer of handcrafted Flamenco Fashion outfits. I hope you enjoy your visit!

I was born and raised in the Atlantic costal city of Cadiz, Spain. Now I’m living in the inland heart of Andalusia, in Andujar, a small town surrounded by a sea of olive trees. As a child, I was instilled with a firm belief in values, and my home was a place of mutual respect, support and affection. And these are qualities I’ve passed on to my two sons and bring to my daily work.

I studied Business Administration at the University of Cadiz. During my college years, I always had accounting and marketing books on one side of my desk, and fashion design notebooks on the other. Fashion design has been my true passion as far back as I can remember.


My Work

I’m passionate about my work and strive to exceed my own expectations every day. I feel that by giving my all, I can create the finest flamenco dresses around.


Right from the start, I’ve maintained a strong commitment to handcrafted designs and hand-assembled outfits. Each outfit is created with the utmost care and attention to detail, from beginning to end.

I’m very particular about the quality of the materials I use in my dresses. Fabric selection is key to achieving truly remarkable results.

I design classic Flamenco outfits in lively colors, aiming always for a harmonious blend of distinction and comfort.

A CARMEN ESPAÑA outfit should make a woman feel unique each time she chooses to wear it. That’s why I offer only exclusive or very limited edition designs. And each item is provided with a signed CARMEN ESPAÑA certificate of authenticity.


My Usual Day

My two main focuses in life are my family and my work. Trying to achieve a balance between them requires a great deal of organization.

Right around sunrise, I open up my dressmaking shop, located in a finca, a small house out in the country. It’s an excellent time to begin the day’s work. Honestly, it’s more than a job: it’s a joy!

The process: I come up with an idea, sketch my design on paper, make a pattern, pick the fabrics, and combine colors. That initial idea slowly evolves into a flamenco dress, handcrafted with all the affection and respect that should be afforded an article of clothing that is a part and parcel of our cultural heritage.

And before I know it, it’s almost nighttime. I clean up the shop and leave everything in place for the next day. Off go the lights, but a host of ideas linger in my mind. Anything I see, anything I feel, down to most unassuming detail, can be a source of inspiration for a new dress design.